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This series UV printers is specialized in printing sheet to sheet, Media do not move during printing, the print head carriage move left and right and the beam move front and back to finish printing. Because the media do not move during printing. This series UV printers can print light sheet materials. Print height reach 10cm maximum.

1.    Mercury UV lamp control: aerodynamics mercury UV lamp structure, effectively solve the mercury UV lamp heat problem; pneumatic shutter control.

2.    Air pump ink pressure for each color separately: Save ink.

3.    Double negative pressure ink supply: color ink 14PL white ink 35PL, negative pressure ink supply are separated for them;

4.    Optical fiber communication: effective solution for interference caused by distance and electromagnetic;

5.    Double Servo Motor: X Y axis both adopt Fuji servo motor;

6.    White ink stirring function: white ink stirring every requested time to avoid precipitation.

7.    XY two axis location: Automatic code wheel positioning;

8.    White printing modes: support spot white; bottom white; cover white; cover varnish; spot varnish;


 Series: UVB Series Print technology: Drop-on-demand Sprinklers Quantity: 4/5/7/8 (Polaris 512 / 15PL) Print Size: 3.50 m * 2.00 m Print height: 10 cm Print Resolution: Up to 2880 * 2880dpi Print speed: 2pass 80 square meters / hour; 4 pass 40 square meters / hour; 8pass 20 square meters / hour Positioning mode: Raster / servo Color: CMYK W LC LM Media Width: 3.5 m * 2.0 m Media handling: a single page Media types: KT board, PVC board, plexiglass panels, glass, ceramic plates, tiles, metal plates, leather and all the roll-to-roll materials such as cloth banner, mesh, one way vision, printing cloth, etc. Drying system: UV lamp File formats: TIFF, Photscript3, JPEG, EPS, PDF System requirements: Printmon, Windows XP Rip: Photoprint / maintop Power requirements: 50HZ / 60HZ, 220V (10%) 20 A Operating environment: 18 ~ 26 ℃ (temperature), (humidity) of 40% to 70% Volume size: 5.8 m * 2.3 m * 1.65 m Weight: 1800 kg

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