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UV series

This series UV printers is specialized in printing sheet to sheet, Media do not move during printing, the print head carriage move left and right and the beam move front and back to finish printing. Because the media do not move during printing. This series UV printers can print light sheet materials. Print height reach 10cm maximum.

1.    UV technology.

2.    Economical price and ingenious design.

3.    UV LED drying system, best and fast drying and curing. Even materials which can not bear high temperature can also be printed very well.

4.    This series UV printers can print heavy sheet materials. Print height reach 10cm maximum. It is a real multi-functional UV printing equipment.

5.    High resolution.

Class:UVB series Print technology:Drop-on-demand Piezo electric Printhead:1/2(Epson DX5) Print width:3.00m*2.00m Print height:10cm Resolution:1440dpi max Speed:1head: 2pass 25sqm/h; 4pass 16sqm/h; 6pass 10sqm/h 2heads: 2pass 50sqm/h; 4pass 32sqm/h; 6pass 20sqm/h Locating mode:Raster /servo Color:CMYK Media width:3.80m*2.15m Media handle:Sheet to sheet Media types:KT board, PVC board, Plexiglass board, glass board, ceramic board, tile metal board, leather and flex banner, mesh, one way vision, vinyl etc. Drying system:UV LED File format:TIFF,Postscript 3,JPEG,EPS,PDF Working process:Printmon software for windows xp Rip:Photoprint /maintop Power supply:50hz/60hz 220v(10%)20A Operation enviroment:(Temperature )18-26(Humidity )40%-70% Dimension:4.6m*2.2m*1.4m Weight:1800Kg

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