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1. Continuously ink supply to ink sub tank.

Possible reasons:

1) Relay’s Signals are not cut, the relay refers to the one on the io board.

Solution: exchange io board or knock the relay.

2) The floater inside the ink sub tank is too old.

Solution: exchange the floater inside the ink sub tank or exchange the ink sub tank, or try to clean the floater to test.

2. No flush firing from print heads.

Possible reasons:

1) the voltage of the head board if normal or not(36V)?

Solution: Check head board’s data cable and power supply is normal or not.

2) Check the print head board socket which the no flush firing print head’s data cable connecting on, see if normal or not.

Solution: if not normal, change head board.

3) Check if the long data cables connecting between io board and head board, see if they with any damage.

Solution: if have any damage, change long data cable.

4) Check the print head voltage inside the printmon software is normal or not.

Solution: If not correct, please change according to the voltage number marked on the print head.

5)Mother board if normal or not?

Solution:if not normal, then change mother board.

3. Print head not fire fully.

1) Check if any nozzles of the print heads are blocked.

Solution: clean the print head or change to a good one.

2) Check if ink is matched and quality good enough.

Solution: if ink model not matched, then change ink.

3) Check if the enviroment temperature and humidity can reach requirement.

Solution:Add enviroment temperature or humidity.

4. USB cannot connect, computer and printer cannot connected with each other by USB line.

1) Check if USB driver is normal.

Solution: reinstall the drivers.

2) Check mother board is normal or not.

Solution: if not normal, then change mother board.

5. Misplacement

1) Check if data cable damaged.

Solution: if damaged, change data cable.

2) Check if mother board problem.

Solution: change mother board.

6. Ink floating on the surface of print head.

1) Check if the height of the sub ink tank is correct.

Solution: adjust the ink sub tank to its correct position.

2) Check the solvent ink.

Solution: change solvent ink.

7. Ink supplying alarm

1) Check if ink pump work normally.

Solution: change ink pump.

2) Check io board, see if the io board problem cause the ink continuously supply?

Solution: change io board.

8. Alarm just after turn on printer.

1)  Check the air tank line, see if it is pluged correctly.

Solution: if not correct, replug it.

2) Check if there is ink inside air tank?

Solution: pour out the ink inside the air tank.

3) Check if data cable broken.

Solution: if broken, please change it.

9. Cannot air pump out ink.

1) Check if air pump is working well?

Solution: change air pump.

2) Check if air tank leak air?

Solution: Change air tank or change air pipe.

10.  Print out messy code.

1) Check if mother board problem.

Solution:Change mother board.

2) Check the configuration of the computer.

Solution: change another computer.

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