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Name: UVB-EP3822
Class: UVB series
Print technology: Drop-on-demand Piezo electric
Printhead: 1/2(Epson DX5)
Print width: 3.50m*2.00m
Print height: 10cm
Resolution: 1440dpi max

1head: 2pass 25sqm/h; 4pass 16sqm/h; 6pass 10sqm/h

2heads: 2pass 50sqm/h; 4pass 32sqm/h; 6pass 20sqm/h

Locating mode: Raster /servo
Color: CMYK
Media width: 3.80m*2.15m
Media handle: Sheet to sheet
Media types: KT board, PVC board, Plexiglass board, glass board, ceramic board, tile metal board, leather and flex banner, mesh, one way vision, vinyl etc.
Drying system: UV LED
File format: TIFF,Postscript 3,JPEG,EPS,PDF
Working process: Printmon software for windows xp
Rip: Photoprint /maintop
Power supply: 50hz/60hz 220v(10%)20A
Operation enviroment: (Temperature )18-26(Humidity )40%-70%
Dimension: 4.6m*2.2m*1.4m
Weight: 1800Kg
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