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Application suitable for welding the advertisement print vinyl, tent fabric and PVC coated film of the product.


Working Voltage 220±10% V single phase 50Hz

Power Consumption 2KVA

Maximal welding temperature /chmetcnv>600℃/chmetcnv> chmetcnv="">/>

Welding speed 1/chmetcnv>-6m/chmetcnv> chmetcnv="">/>/min

Welding thickness (folded thickness)1/chmetcnv>-5mm/chmetcnv> chmetcnv="">/>

Weight /chmetcnv>15kg/chmetcnv> chmetcnv="">/>

Frame size 450*300*/chmetcnv>360mm/chmetcnv> chmetcnv="">/>

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