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The introduction of the new products-Digital Direct Printing Flag Fabric
A.The induction of the Digital Direct Printing Flag Fabric
Digital printing flag fabric is a a new products treated by a special process which can be used for direct printing.
B. 1. How to use
First to print the design directly on the fabric by sublimation inks,then put it in the sublimation heater machine until the temperature rise to 230 celsius,the color will become vivid and true.
2. Advantages
1) Environmental protection
The traditional silk screen printing would cause pollution emission for after printing,the fabric should be heated in the pot to make the thick liquid fading and fix the color.While the direct digital printing without such weakness.
2) Convenient
The traditional silk screen printing or transfer printing takes more prepare workings,for example make the screen version or print the design to the transfer paper,it make the finish time longer and the cost higher.While the digital direct printing can finished the work immediately just by input the design into the computer of the ink-jet printer.
3)No restrict of the design
Silk screen printing need to prepare several colors for one design,but the digital direct printing could get the design at will.
4) Could make the design either in small quantity or in bulk production.It’s not need other prepare work before printing,so it’s no difference between small or large scale production.
5) Saving labour force
For the easy process,digital direct printing not need many workers as the silk screen printing,just one person could finish the work.
6) Good working environment
The traditional printing environment is bad and dirty,but the digital direct printing,can be done in good condition.
7) The total cost lower than tranditional printing.
The type of the pinter:inkjet printer and pictorials printer
Ink Type:: Sublimation Ink (aqueous ink, disperse dyes) other aqueous ink and solvent ink.
B. The specification
A-CB4A4A4A MIRROR PRINTING 105GSM 110CM /160CM 100-200
B-CB4A4A4A MIRROR PRINTING 115GSM 110CM /160CM 100-200
B-CB2A2A2A GLOSS FABRIC 110GSM 110CM /160CM 100-200
L-WB222 MESH FABRIC 130GSM 110CM/160CM 100-200
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