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Or will now ask, what is the UV flatbed printer? Uv flatbed printer print content is hit dehydrated. The UV tablet

The printer also can print with any flat data at this top? Congratulations on your right, in your field of Uv flatbed printer

Application of the market will be very broad, as long as this plane subject, UV flatbed printer can all be accomplished, now with you in detail

The solution and analysis UV flatbed printer!

Transition, UV flatbed printing device perfect color

For example, silk screen printing, conservative. Hardly do transition in accordance to the pictures of all typically the colors, therefore the screen printing

Out of the effects will be color lines, two kinds of color, it is difficult to according to the picture itself and reflect the color transition. Special

Don't possibly be a lot of products all need making trademark, logo plus other high precision, high complexity of pattern, process gifts, conduct

Industry application is more extensive. UV flatbed printing function perfectly meet the demand, fully reflects the strong city

Field potential, break through the bottleneck of screen producing, thermal transfer printing mode brings, for customers in order to find a new profit growth


Two, UV flatbed printer for printing multiple material

There are professional distinction. To get example, the particular leather industry, throughout terms of the printing industry. Conservative printing

Process frequent display printing color, a few color, simple uniform conversion; large leather printing machine is expensive, on

High quality materials; heat transfer will damage this material; crystal industry conservative printing mode is crystal film coating process of organic glass;

Glass industry is the screen printing, metal industry by printing or heat transfer etc.. So once you have in the field of UV plate printing

Machine, have the stronger competing advantage than peers.

Three, UV flat-panel printers advantage

UV flatbed printer with high technology content of the computer connection, the new era of UV flatbed printer is no longer the simple

Manual operation and technology printing. Combined using automatic control technology, can be very precise alignment required print area

And site, to reduce the manual printing the position offset problem. Because UV flatbed printer is one of

Color printing, there will probably be no chromatic counterpoint to the problem. These advantages can also and engraving, etching process is very

Effective combination, carving the regional art print a beautiful picture, or a precise etching in print after. Thus

Visible, UV flat bed printer achieved new breakthroughs in engraving, etching in addition to other industries, can play a better role.

Using four, UV flatbed printer for unusual industry

Changing the printing effect, UV flat bed printer can change the content of the printing at any time. Can carry on a digital

Print, without making the complex. The product code on the back of the metal nameplate many products, and each code

Every ; for another example of factory employees, chest cards and work permits, can also be based on a digital

Print, also can add photos etc.. Liaoning Zhongye technology and industry development of R & D and production company limited UV plate printing

Machine has the advantages of simple production order, and cheap.

Uv flatbed printer's - help you earn more dollars UV flatbed printer!

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