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The clothes of the dancers, T-shirt printer

Would you mind wearing T-shirts it above the graph beautiful, include a good personality, the way in which to make? Can use T-shirt printer. Find out the flatness of your clothes is very low, with the traditional methods, it is a waste of time and cost. In this particular high-tech society, garment printers are sufficient to overcome this, through around the same clothes as dancers, bring persons surprise and moved.

Vintage clothing T-shirt printing technique clothes completely airtight; wash resistance is poor, generally take 2, 3 times the basic look definitely not clear pattern heat transfer paper exchange is only suitable for mass production; large produce text, resulting in poor outfits capable, wash resistance is not good. The old printing process must go through a transfer process, the pattern is not very difficult to guarantee, the waste generated, also not environmental protection. The T-shirt printer is full color digital printing equipment of new, cutting-edge old printing equipment can simply print document limited, which is in a position of directly printing pattern in the T-shirt, clothing fabric, also against the dark cloth spreading white ink print picture fidelity black result, not only fast, impact is good; if needed by simple operating print required number, while supporting full color and high description printing. Environmentally friendly water-based pigment inks used in operation process also created print soft touch, elegant colors.

T-shirt printer is now clothing plate printer, digital printer machine industry minimum level, precision special clothing top digital printer. Break through the bottleneck connected with digital printing technology, realize the true sense of a printing, no plate making, color image of a complete, new generation product of the old printing press.

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