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Easy operation: convenient, full-color gradient color, can be printed completely once;

High washing fastness: (3 to 4 degree) no fade, no hands’ feeling, excellent breathability;

Environmental ink: fully meet the EU's highest testing standards

Directly printing on Various kinds of T-shirt and textile products(including Men and Women T-shirt, Children's clothing, towel fabric,sheets and pillow cases,shopping bags, aprons, gloves, handkerchiefs,clothing of different size and different thickness, etc.), T-shirts’ customization , garment factories, pattern sample printing, silk printing, clothing painting, digital printing and other industries.


T shirt printer T202 two plates

T shirt printer T202 two plates

Micro Piezo print head,3.5PL Ink Droplet Size(EPSON X5)1-2pieces(optional).Print width 30*40cm*2